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Your General Counsel Plan

Cost-Effective Legal Services for Your Business

Your General Counsel Plan gives you access to legal counsel at an affordable, fixed price with an Archangel Law Group attorney who knows you and your business. Legal services when you need it!

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    What is a Your General Counsel Plan?

    As a small or medium-sized business, having access to an experienced attorney can seem expensive and out-of-reach. At certain times, though, you need legal advice and services, but you can’t afford an in-house attorney. Or even the hourly rate for most attorneys. With Your General Counsel Plan, you can have affordable access to Archangel Law Group’s attorneys. Our monthly plan gives you legal services at a low monthly cost that can be used throughout the year when you need the services.

    How does it work? What are the benefits?

    Your General Counsel Plan

    Archangel Law Group’s Your General Counsel Plan is designed to provide legal services when you need them. For a fixed price, you receive access to our attorneys for a certain number of hours every year. The cost is at a discounted rate from our normal billable hours.

    Benefits to You and Your Business

    • It is affordable and there when you need the services.
    • You have direct access to experienced, client-centered lawyers who know you and your business.
    • We will have an established relationship. You won’t have to explain your business and goals because we already know you!
    • The plan cost is at a discounted rate, and because you have the plan, you receive a lower hourly rate for additional hours, as needed.
    • You will work with an actual law firm that provides legal advice and services, and not a prepaid service from people who may or may not even be attorneys.
    • It provides you with convenient access to the legal services you need to avoid risks and mistakes.

    Your General Counsel Plan

    An annual plan agreement for legal services.

    Eight (8) Hours of Legal Services

    Annual Rate of $1,908 paid at $159 per month

    Features include

    Eight (8) hours of legal services per year.

    Hours can be used at the same time or in increments throughout the year during normal business hours.

    Legal services outside of the “Your General Counsel Plan” will be billed at a discounted rate.

    Examples of Your General Counsel Plans

    Business Law

    Entity creation, Operation and Contract Agreements, Intellectual and Property Protection, Non-Competes, Partnership Agreements, and Mergers and Acquisitions.


    Drafting and Responding to Complaints, Filing of Court Documents, and Court Appearances. Breach of Contract, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, and Violation of Confidentiality.

    Rental, Construction, and Property

    Landlord-Tenant Law, Construction Contracts, and Property Damage and Disputes.

    Small Business and Key Employee Protection

    Wills and Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Succession Planning.

    Legal Research

    Statutes, Case law, and Regulations


    Counsel to Estate Administrators


    *This is not a complete list of available services. Speak with Archangel Law Group about your specific needs. Your General Counsel Plan does not include family or criminal law services.




    Legal Services when You need Them

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      Archangel Law Group

      We are proud to provide Your General Counsel Plan and to represent clients in legal matters pertaining to Civil Litigation, Business Law, Wills, Trusts & Estates, Construction Law, and Family Law.

      If you need legal services or representation in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, Archangel Law Group is here for you. We serve clients in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Hampton. This also includes the surrounding counties of Hampton Roads, Virginia. We are here to help and discuss your specific legal situation and answer your questions. Contact our firm at (757) 389-7383, or get in touch with our staff by emailing us.

      If you find yourself needing an attorney, contact our firm. (757) 389-7383

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